The ‘prosumer’

  • The very nature of the digital realm lends itself to the creation of a community for disabled individuals
  • The ‘prosumer’ is an example of this à disabled individuals no longer have to placidly consume media (close captioning, etc.), they have digital platforms to express and create an identity which is concurrent with disabled characteristics
  • The reading seems to focus on representations of disabled individuals and how the media controls this; e.g. inspiration porn. Disability is encoded by media practices, often trivialising the lifestyles of disabled individuals. Creates a one dimensional idea of what disabled people are.
  • Enable the disabled, it is discriminatory
  • Similarities:
  • Accessibility of media
  • Exclusion/inclusion à just not accessible à access in the form of physical blockade but also in the sense of navigating and be included in digital worlds

adding this weeks reading (agnostic algorithms) to make a final post


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