Assessment 2


poachersMy image is based on the concept of ‘textual poachers.’ In the age of participatory online culture many individuals take to online platforms such as Wattpad to share their own literary pieces. However, this has given rise to literature such as fanfiction which ‘poaches’ the work of original authors. I have tried to convey this message in this image, as the numerous heads of authors appear as mounted taxidermy much like the animals which are  ‘poached’ and mounted by hunters. It is in its early stages.



My Communications major is Creative Writing. I find the message of George Orwell’s novel 1984 quite pertinent to the modern day digital sphere, particularly regarding Facebook algorithms. The recent privacy breach that perilled Facebook coalesces with Orwell’s thematic notion regarding authoritarianism; in the digital sphere, Big Brother takes many forms. My first draft includes Mark Zuckerberg (the creator and director of Facebook) as Big Brother.

image for week 1


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